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My son has not played basketball ever, would that be a problem?

Calgary Chinooks Basketball is designed for first time basketball enthusiasts. Basics and fundamentals are the key training points we focus on. Welcome!

What is the difference between Calgary Chinooks Basketball from other basketball clinics in town?

Few things that sets Calgary Chinooks Basketball apart from other basketball clinics.
1. Build a strong basketball community in the NW Calgary.
2.We strive to offer a more affordable recreational activity for the youth. As a parent, I understand the weight of high cost training for our kids.
3. I live in the NW side and currently there are not much quality youth basketball camps in this quadrant. We currently have to travel in other quadrants for our kids to attend basketball camps. Our aim is to create a close knit basketball community in this quadrant. This was a couple of years in the making and this was the push we needed to create this basketball community.
4. Our coaches are very hands on and will work with your child almost on a one on one environment.

Are the kids just practicing all the time?

The schedule is we practice twice on the weekdays. While we form teams and play games during Sundays, NWCB (North West Calgary Basketball) League.

How many participants per session?

We cap our groups to about 25 participants per session. If we exceed that, we will open new slots.
We believe that the smaller the groups, the more learnings there would be. We would be able to focus on each participant that way as opposed to having a bigger group and possibly neglecting some trainees. The more repetition, participants tend to grasp the exercise faster and better,
At Calgary Chinooks Basketball we take the hands on approach.

Don't you think 3 sessions is a little too much?

Good question. I believe that the more we immerse kids early to a sport, they get to the point where it becomes a part of their well-being. They get used to the idea that basketball is a part of their lives. We excite them and they have fun.
The more they do one thing, they will surely get better at it and would want more from it.
I remembered when I was little, I always had a ball in my hand. Even inside the house, I was dribbling. I try to play basketball at school almost everyday and had sessions on the weekend. Basketball became a part of my life and I wanted to be good at it.
So yes, it is hectic, 3 times a week with school and other activities, but the more kids play, the more they will have passion for it.

Are the kids going to play in leagues against outside teams?

For now, we will be concentrating on Calgary Chinooks Basketball training. In the future we may build a team and sign up in leagues outside our training camp.

Is this co-ed basketball?

Yes, it is!

With Covid being a factor, what is your refund policy and what will happen if Alberta shuts down indoor activities due to Covid?

Great question!
We do have a no refund policy. If Alberta shuts down indoor recreational activities due to Covid, we will pause the sessions and pick up where we left off.
There maybe slight changes on the schedules as we have to work with the gyms for availability.
In that way, we do not miss any sessions, it will simply be pushed back when Alberta re-opens.

Would the schedule and the venue change?

Good question. While we try our very best to secure the venue, there may slight changes from time to time due to un foreseen circumstances. But we will do our best to keep everyone updated to make it work for everyone.

Will there be other locations other than NW Calgary?

Great question, we are focusing on NW right now but depending on demand, we may expand throughout the city.

I would like to be a volunteer coach while my daughter is in training, is that possible?

Yes, we have forms for volunteers. Submit the form through our email and we will get back to you regarding your application.

What do I have to bring to the sessions?

Bring the following every session:

  • basketball (preferably size 6)

  • uniform (mainly on Sunday games)

  • comfortable clothes and basketball shoes

  • water bottle

  • lots and lots of ENERGY

That's it!!!

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