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James Tabaniag

As an experienced basketball player since 5 years of age, I learned valuable lessons from coaches overseas and in North America. Playing basketball in 2 continents, helped me gain the experience and knowledge. I have a FIRST AID and CPR certification and I am a Red Seal Certified Chef.


I am currently enrolled at Coaching Association of Canada (NCCP #6536068), aiming to earn my full coach certification through NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program).


At an early age, I was trained by one of Philippines' prestigious youth training camp (Milo best) where I learned the basics and got trained by professional basketball players. I then became a varsity player in grade school and high school where we competed with top schools in the city. In college, I pursued my passion in becoming a chef. While in school I still played in various leagues where I raked numerous awards from MVP, mythical 5, championships, etc. My culinary experience led me to North America where I slowly became a chef in different organizations. My passion for basketball is very much alive as I juggled work, family and basketball. I am back to playing around various leagues here in Calgary. Acquiring awards from different leagues in this city.

Throughout the years I have gained valuable basketball knowledge. Our program is an evolving program directed to participants who do not have experience in basketball. We drill the basics and fundamentals. We knit pick from the smallest aspect of basketball to the broader technical skills. We make sure to work with the participants one by one and harness their strengths to become great basketball players someday.

I am a champion, an MVP, a proud husband and father of 2 boys. Now, it is time to pass the torch to them and make them champions.


I see there is unlimited potential for our youth. There is no doubt that they are our future basketball superstars.

Calgary Chinooks Basketball came to fruition when my kids showed so much interest in basketball. Being a basketball enthusiast myself, I immersed them in early training, NBA games on TV, basketball lingo and more. They started off training from other camps but recently I have decided to train them myself. We started practicing at our side yard during summer. We loved it! Now I am extending my knowledge to other youth who would like to get quality and affordable training in Calgary.


We are committed to building a strong basketball community here in the NW Calgary quadrant.


What a beautiful sport!

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.

Michael Jordan

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