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He is definitely enjoying it.

He showed me how to do a layup yesterday, after i Picked him up from practice.

You have done a really great job as well with all the kids. I remember seeing the kids few months ago when they had just started and compared to now the progress and improvement has been amazing. 

Yeah, Zain really surprised us as well, with his basketball skills, this was supposed to be more of an activity for him.

And the credit definitely goes to you the coach.

And of course, your wife and kids' play big role as well. 

Me and wife would like to thank you for giving Zain an opportunity to play and definitely hope the "it" factor carries on in Zain.

Sajid S.

I would like to register again Michael this spring session. 
He really loves playing and he really like you. He said your an awesome coach. Watching you and teaching them different k moves thats really something. 
Michael is very excited every time you guys has practice games especially if you are his coach.
Keep up the good work. I will give 5 stars for your awesome work.

Myra B.

Thank you guys!  I didn’t realize this was your first session! You guys did awesome! Looking forward to the next one!
Thank YOU for everything you do… it’s been a pleasure watching the kids progress in such a short time already! Your passion shines through!

Chantelle B.

The boys love you! You are an amazing coach!

Thanks again for all your support for the boys! You have truly made them love and enjoy the sport!

Jimmi S.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Joshua had a wonderful time and can’t wait to start again. He has improved so much, thanks to all of you coaches and we’re so proud of him!

We (and him) definitely can’t wait to sign him up next season, pls let us know when.


We just wanted to say how fantastic your program is - the progression and fun for the kids is so great! How you've developed the program to build on skills with proper technique every week is really appreciated. Our kids play a lot of sports and have been in many programs over the years and your coaching is one of the best we've seen in all the things they're involved in.
Sebastian says "I really liked basketball with Coach James, it was so much fun, I can't wait for the next session"
As parents we say - thank you for making skill learning so much fun. Our kids are involved in many sports and the enthusiasm of this program and especially the manner in which you are teaching skill progression and technique is fantastic. They're building on their skill every week to make them stronger players in an organized way that makes it easier for them to understand. See you in September!

Geneil D.

This has been THE best experience for her and we’re so glad we found you and your league.

Thank you and your wife for everything you’ve taught her and especially the confidence you’ve instilled.

Jenn W.

You are a great inspiration for our Kids!

Diana C.

Thanks for giving them the chance to try to a different level. Zaira said she had fun and if ever there's  another opportunity, she is happy to join again.

Ryan and Louela S.

We are new to Calgary and my son loves basketball and we found chinooks academy. The coaches are always motivating the players to be better and to love basketball, I love it because it is a very family club and coach James looks like he has a lot of love and passion for what he does and that reflects it and the children like it and feel more motivated, without a doubt it is an excellent club for any child who loves basketball.


You are a great coach and Shivam learned a lot from you. We really appreciate your work.
Thank you from Shivam


Calgary Chinook Basketball Camp amaze me every time!The way the coaches trained them was beyond anything I’ve ever seen before.The confidence and encouragement they gave every game was incredible.This is my son’s first time learning how to do the basic fundamental skills of basketball and I’m so happy how they introduced it to him and now he loves it so much!Thank you coach James and all the coaches!!!
Definitely would recommend to friends!!!

Christina Y.

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